You can add these CSS blocks to your Thesis -> Custom CSS screen


1. Change Copyright "Text Case Styling" to Normal OR Lowercase.

#footer {text-transform: normal;}
#footer {text-transform: lowercase;}

2. Center images on custom homepage widgets.

.feature img {margin: 0 auto;}

3. Center feature widget icons.

.widget_woothemes_features .feature img {display: inline;}

4. Hide reply button that was clicked when writing comment reply.

#commentform + .comment-reply-link {display: none;}

5. Change menu text color

.menu-primary a, .menu-primary .current ul a, .menu-primary .current-cat ul a, .menu-primary .current-menu-item ul a {color: #000;}

/* Drop down text color */
.menu-primary .sub-menu a, .menu-primary .current .sub-menu a {color: #000;}

/* Drop down text hover color */
.menu-primary .sub-menu a:hover, .menu-primary .current .sub-menu a:hover {color: #CCC;}

6. Change the footer background colors

#footer_widgets, #footer {background: #000; border-top: 1px solid #333;}

7. Move the caption on the slider down (or up)

body .flex-caption-wrap { height: auto; top: auto; bottom: 50px; }
body #featured-slider .flex-direction-nav a { top:auto; bottom: 55px }

8. Make "Our Work" images squares instead of circles

.portfolio-thumb, .portfolio-thumb img {border-radius: 0px;}

9. Remove the hover effect with the link image over the portfolio items

.portfolio-thumb {
     background: none;

.portfolio-item:hover img {
    opacity: 1;