Note: If you just want to setup your site like our demo site to start, read this section.

Great Resources

Thesis 2 - Skin Installation - Quick Start

  1. If you are new to Thesis 2 make sure to read the Thesis 2 docs listed above to get up to speed on the basics.
  2. Install skins by activating Thesis 2 and going to Thesis -> Manage Skins -> Upload Skin.
  3. If you want the skin to look like our demo site, read this.
  4. New to Thesis 2 and Themedy? Watch our Thesis 2 / Themedy Quick Start video first.

After Installation Tips

  1. Make sure your: "Settings -> Reading -> Front page displays" is set to "A static page (select below)" and both drop downs have a page selected. (just create two blank pages if you haven't yet - called Home and Blog for example, to choose here)
  2. Visit "Thesis -> Skin Content" to find the skins options.
  3. Visit "Thesis -> Skin Design" to change the built in design options for this skin.
  4. Setup your navigation menu at: "Appearance -> Menus"
  5. Add your Header / Logo image at: "Thesis -> Header Image"
  6. Visit the Appearance -> Widgets area to add content where needed.

A customer of ours, Jupiter Jim, has put together a great video of some of the slider settings here, check it out!

Themedy Settings Explained

You can view the Themedy settings by visiting "Thesis -> Skin Content" and "Thesis -> Skin Design"

Thesis -> Skin Content

Note: On this page you can click on the buttons under the top drop-down to hide / show certain areas on your site. A checked box will be displayed, uncheck it to hide it - give it a try!

Back to Top: Change the "back to top" text.

Front Page - Featured Text: This is the text under the slider on the front page.

Front Page - Latest Posts: Settings for the Latest Posts area on the front page. The WordPress featured image is used as the display image in this area.

Front Page - Recent Work: Settings for the Recent Work area on the front page. The WordPress featured image is used as the display image in this area.

Primary Nav Menu: This is where you set the navigation menu you want to use on your site - create it in Appearance -> Menus first.

Search: Change the URL search results are posted to - Optional.

Themedy Feature Slider: This area controls the slider on the homepage. Slide content will be pulled from your Post or Portfolio sections - the WordPress featured image will be used as the image for the slider area.

Themedy Mobile Menu: Set the menu that is displayed on the mobile version of the site.

Themedy Standard Portfolio: Control the settings of your portfolio page.

Attribution: Customize the text shown in the footer area.

Thesis -> Skin Design

Use this area to set the various design options provided.