Note: If you just want to setup your site like our demo site to start, read this section.

Great Resources

Thesis 2 - Skin Installation - Quick Start

  1. If you are new to Thesis 2 make sure to read the Thesis 2 docs listed above to get up to speed on the basics.
  2. Install skins by activating Thesis 2 and going to Thesis -> Manage Skins -> Upload Skin.
  3. If you want the skin to look like our demo site, read this. Also one of our customers, Jupiter Jim, put together a great video showing the general process of installing a Thesis 2 skin here.
  4. New to Thesis 2 and Themedy? Watch our Thesis 2 / Themedy Quick Start video first.

After Installation Tips

  1. Make sure your: "Settings -> Reading -> Front page displays" is set to "A static page (select below)" and both drop downs have a page selected. (just create two blank pages if you haven't yet - called Home and Blog for example, to choose here)
  2. Visit "Thesis -> Skin Content" to find the skins options.
  3. Visit "Thesis -> Skin Design" to change the built in design options for this skin.
  4. Setup your navigation menu at: "Appearance -> Menus"
  5. Add your Header / Logo image at: "Thesis -> Header Image"
  6. Visit the Appearance -> Widgets area to add content where needed. Here's an example of the featured post settings we used in our demo site.

Extra Plugins Used

We used the Latest Tweets Widget in the "Primary Sidebar" area to create the latest tweets section on the front page.

Themedy Settings Explained

You can view the Themedy settings by visiting "Thesis -> Skin Content" and "Thesis -> Skin Design"

Thesis -> Skin Content

Note: On this page you can click on the buttons under the top drop-down to hide / show certain areas on your site. A checked box will be displayed, uncheck it to hide it - give it a try!

Front Page - Section 1 Title: Change the header text from "Latest Posts" to something else on the Front Page.

Primary Nav Menu: This is where you set the primary navigation menu you want to use on your site - create it in Appearance -> Menus first.

Secondary Nav Menu: This is where you set the secondary navigation menu you want to use on your site - create it in Appearance -> Menus first.

Themedy Articles Slider: Here you can change the options for the second article slider shown on the Front Page. To the right of the About Quik" section shown in our demo site.

Themedy Featured Slider: Here you can change the options for the primary / first article slider shown on the top of the Front Page.

Themedy Nav Search: Change the action URL for the search box in the secondary nav menu. For advanced users only, leave the default otherwise.

Themedy Social List: Add the links to your social sites, shown in the top right in your primary nav menu.

Attribution: Customize the text shown in the footer area.

Thesis -> Skin Design

Use this area to set the various design options provided.

Also you can use the Background Slideshow options on this screen to change / set the sites background rotating images. There isn't a set size for the background images but on our demo site we used 1200x800px. Here's one of the background images for reference: