If you've installed your skin and it doesn't look quite right, or you've made some changes that have gone wrong in the skin editor you may have to use the Thesis 2 "Restore Defaults" functionality.

You can access this via:

Thesis -> Skin Editor -> Manager -> Restore Default Data

First click the backup button, so you can restore back your old Thesis 2 settings if need be.

Note that once you restore default data you need to go back into your Thesis -> Skin Content and Thesis -> Skin Design areas and make your changes again.

It'll also reset any changes you may have made in the skin template editor back to the defaults for the skin.

Other Areas to Check
1. Thesis Custom CSS: Check your Thesis Custom CSS screen to make sure you don't have CSS added there effecting things.
2. Thesis Manage Boxes: If you have boxes from others installed they might not work with our skins, please disable these to check.
3. Visit: Thesis -> Thesis Home -> More -> System Status -> Thesis Filesystem Check: and make sure each of the lines under that say "YES", if not conctact DIYThemes.com support to get Thesis 2 setup correctly.