This tutorial assumes you have the Soliloquy Slider plugin active.

This is not intended to provide a fully working solution to replace the slider included with the skin, just a starting off point.

The same steps can be used with any slider plugin / Thesis skin as long as the slider plugin gives you a shortcode to display their slider (any good slider plugin will).

We don't support any 3rd party sliders, nor can we provide you the code to customize them to support our themes.

After you have the slider on the site it will most likely require CSS and / or PHP tweaks to fit into the design of the skin. If you are not versed in these areas you may have to hire a developer to handle these customizations for you.

Basic Steps

  • Install and setup your desired slider plugin and get the shortcode from the slider plugin to display the actual slider.
  • Go into the Thesis 2 skin editor and remove the Themedy Slider box (usually in the "Front Page" template)
  • Add a Text box where the Themedy Slider box was before you removed it.
  • Go to the Thesis -> Skin Content and find the option area for the text box you just added and open it.
  • Add the slider shortcode in the option box and save.
  • Customize the slider to fit the design of your skin.

Quick Video Overview of Steps Above

View here and learn how to do it yourself. Our Derby Skin and the Soliloquy Slider are used as examples but the general steps will always be the same.