WooCommerce + Clip Cart

Read and complete the general Clip Cart setup before moving onto this stage.

Note: WooCommerce has extensive documentation, this guide is just for the basics to get started. For questions about using WooCommerce refer to:

For WooCommerece support use the above links, we don't / can't provide WooCommerce technical support, just the general integration with Clip Cart is supported, not the features and usage of the plugin itself.

Remember Clip Cart also has integration support for the Cart66 plugin too.

Using WooCommerce

Note: If you just want to setup your site like our demo site to start, read this section.

WooCommerce Image Settings

By default the Clip Cart theme will use 190x190px thumbnails, if instead you want to use the WooCommerce sizes follow these steps.

  • Goto Thesis -> Skin Content -> Homepage Latest Products and change the "Post Image Size" option to "shop catalog"
  • Goto Thesis -> Skin Content -> Themedy - Products and change the "Thumbnail Size" option to "shop catalog"

The WooCommerce Image settings found at WooCommerce -> Settings -> Catalog -> Image Options should be set as follows:

Catalog Images - Width: 240, Height 240
Single Product Image - Width: 435, Height 435
Product Thumbnails - Width: 135, Height 135

Hard Crop - this should be checked for all three, although feel free to experiment without it checked. Not all images will be the same size or the size you entered above when it's left unchecked.

Themes (and the default WooCommerce CSS) specify product image widths to ensure consistent layouts across multiple devices. The dimensions you specify on the Catalog tab of the WooCommerce settings screen affect the size of the thumbnails that the theme uses when displaying product images. They do not change the size the image is rendered.

Learn more about how WooCommerce handles images with this article.

Understand that the sizes we have listed above are the best sizes to have a consistent experience across devices, tablets, desktops, phones etc. You should not change these without a good reason.

Note: Anytime you make changes to these options you need to regenerate your images as stated on that page, you can do this with a plugin.