Note: If you just want to setup your site like our demo site to start, read this section.

Great Resources

After Installation Tips

  • Make sure your: "Settings -> Reading -> Front page displays" is set to "Your latest posts"
  • Setup your navigation menu at: "Appearance -> Menus"
  • Add your Header / Logo image at: "Appearance -> Header"
  • You can change this themes site background options at "Appearance -> Background"
  • Visit the Appearance -> Widgets area to add content where needed.

Special Widget Areas

  • Footer 1: This is shown at the bottom of your site if you add a widget here.

Themedy Settings Explained
You can reach the Themedy settings panel by visiting "Appearance -> Themedy Settings"

Featured Area Background Image: Controls the top featured area slider image
- Duration (ms): How long do you want to show the slide before transiting (1000 = 1 second).
- Fade (ms): The time it takes for the slide transition to take place, when the next slide is being displayed (1000 = 1 second).

Featured Options and Subscriptions: This area controls the featured area at the top of your site and under your posts.
- Enable the featured area on the front / home page?: Uncheck to turn the featured area off on your front page.
- Enable the featured area after single posts?: Uncheck to turn the featured area off under your posts.
- Featured Title: The header text for the featured area can be added here.
- Featured Text: This is the text that will appear under the featured title.
- Featured Image URL: Enter the full URL to the image you want to show in the featured area circle portrait.

Learn more about Using Subscribe Area with MailChimp, Aweber or Graivty Forms Below

Appearance: Using this color panel you can change the overall "action color" of the site. This color is applied to various detail elements, like buttons, hover colors, contact form background etc.

General Options:
- "Enable jQuery retina-ready images?": Creates retina ready images for devices with retina displays.
- " Enable fixed jQuery share count / button on posts?": If you don't want to show the social links to the left of your posts, you can turn that off here.
- "Enable the fixed header?": By default the top header scrolls down with the user as they scroll down on your site. Uncheck if you don't want that feature.

Social List: Add your social media accounts here to have them show up at the top of your site.

Footer: Customize the text shown in the footer area.

Using Subscribe Area with MailChimp, Aweber or Graivty Forms

We have more instructions for this area, if you are using Aweber view more here, MailChimp users click here.

If you are using Gravity Forms you can just enter the Shortcode of the form you want to use in the "Custom form HTML Code:" box, i.e:

[gravityform id=1 name=ContactForm title=false description=false]