These instructions assume you have either the JetPack plugin active with the Custom CSS module option turned on or our Themedy Toolbox plugin active (version 1.0.3 or higher).

Read more about adding the custom css feature here.


You can these CSS blocks to your Appearance -> Edit CSS screen (see steps above if you don't have this option)

Make sure to start adding your CSS code after the intro text as explained here.

1. Increase content width

.site-inner .wrap {
    max-width: 1100px;

2. Hide comment count (responses) block on left sidebar

.scroll_box .comments {
    display: none;

3. Change text color in top featured area

#featured .featured-content h2, #featured .featured-content p, #featured .featured-content {color: #fff;}

4. Remove the left to right slide in effect on the featured box at the top of the homepage

.swipein_left {
    animation: none;

5. Adjust height / padding of top menu bar

.site-header {
     top: -15px;

.title-area .logo a img {
     padding: 0.4rem 0px;

.site-header {
  height: 66px;