Note: If you just want to setup your site like our demo site to start, read this section.

Great Resources

Required Plugins
These plugins add additional functionality to ReadyFolio 2, please install them as well:
- Features Plugin
- Testimonials Plugin

After Installation Tips

  • Make sure your: "Settings -> Reading -> Front page displays" is set to "Your latest posts"
  • To create a blog page select the blog page template when creating a page for the blog.
  • Setup your navigation menu at: "Appearance -> Menus"
  • Add your Header / Logo image at: "Appearance -> Header"
  • You can change this themes site background options at "Appearance -> Background"
  • Visit the Appearance -> Widgets area to add content where needed.

Themedy Settings
You can reach the Themedy settings panel by visiting "Appearance -> Themedy Settings"

Featured Slider: This area controls the slider just under the nav menu to the right of the feature section content. You can change the type of slider to be a video embed area instead by selecting it from the drop down. However, please note a video slider is not supported here, it'll just be one static video.

Home Page Content Slider: This controls the "Our Work" slider section as shown on the demo site.

Appearance: Use this area to select from a list of predefined color schemes.

General Options:

Footer: Customize the text shown in the footer area.

Widget Settings
This theme uses various custom widget areas to customize the front page and other areas, visit Appearance -> Widgets to set these areas up.

Home: Featured Area

Add a text widget in this area to set the text to the left of the top slider area. ie:

Phasellus ut vulputate erat. Morbi commodo interdum enim, nec mollis arcu scelerisque a. Suspendisse arcu augue, aliquam in venenatis. Phasellus ut vulputate erat. Morbi commodo. <a href=" ‎">Get Readyfolio &rarr;</a>

Home: Section 1 - Column 1

This is where we added the features widget to create the "Services" area on our demo site. The features are pulled from the Features post area in your WordPress admin. When creating a new features post set the WordPress featured image to display the image above the post like we have in our demo site.

Home: Section 1 - Column 2

This is where we added the Testimonials widget to create the "Testimonials" area on our demo site.

Home: Section 3

This is the "Everyone Loves ReadyFolio" section on our demo site, we used a text widget with the title and content set to:

Everyone Loves [s]Readyfolio[/s]

<div style="text-align: center;">
<img src="" alt="" style="margin: 0 10px;"  />
<img src="" alt="" style="margin: 0 10px;"  />
<img src="" alt="" style="margin: 0 10px;"  />
<img src="" alt=""  />

Footer 1 - 3:

Add your footer widgets here, we used (in order) a text widget, Themedy Flickr Photos widget and another text widget here.

Portfolio Setup

Once this theme is enabled you will find a new menu item in your WordPress dashboard called "Portfolio". Here you can add/remove/edit portfolio items (like you would normal posts). Make sure you set a Featured Image ( to have it show up in the slider and portfolio page.

To set up the portfolio page, create a new page in WordPress. In the edit screen to that page, on the right hand side under Page Attributes find the Template drop down option. From the drop down choose "Readyfolio: Portfolio" and hit Update or Save. That page will now list all of your portfolio items.

NOTE: If you're having issues with the single portfolio items pages not showing up, try going to Settings > Permalinks on the left hand side of your dashboard and hitting Save Changes.