Note: If you just want to setup your site like our demo site to start, read this section.

Great Resources

After Installation Tips

  • Make sure your: "Settings -> Reading -> Front page displays" is set to "Your latest posts"
  • Setup your navigation menu at: "Appearance -> Menus"
  • Add your Header / Logo image at: "Appearance -> Header"
  • You can change this themes site background options at "Appearance -> Background"
  • Visit the Appearance -> Widgets area to add content where needed.

Final Setup Steps
After you have the theme installed there are a couple steps you have to do next.

  • Add Genesis featured post widgets to all content areas (home top, bottom, left right etc.)
  • Use other widget areas as needed, note the new widgets included with this theme are: Themedy tabbed, Flicker, video and Ads widgets.
  • Download the Genesis Responsive Slider plugin, activate it and then go to it's setting page and click the reset settings button (or manually set it up with these settings.)
  • Review the other options on the slider options page and adjust to your needs

Widget Setup Steps

The Appearance -> Widgets settings we used in our demo are:

  • Header Right Widget Area: Themedy 486x60 Ad widget

  • Primary Sidebar: Search widget, Themedy 300x250 Ad, Themedy Tabbed Widget, Genesis Latest Tweets, Themedy 125x125 Ads

  • Secondary Sidebar: Nothing

  • Home Top Left: Featured Posts (title Latest Posts, Number of posts to show 1, Number of posts to offset 0, order by date, Show Featured Image checked - image size Teaser Long Thumbnail 290x100, limit content to 195 characters, show post title and show post info checked.) Then add a second Featured Posts Widget (number of posts to show 2, number of posts to offset 1, show post title and show post info checked, limit content to 85 characters)

  • Home Top Right: Same as Home Top Left just pulled in different categories of news.
  • Home Bottom Left: Same as Home Top Left just pulled in different categories of news.
  • Home Bottom Right: Same as Home Top Left just pulled in different categories of news.
  • Post Widget: Text widget - You can even add a widget here!
  • Footer 1: Themedy Video Widget
  • Footer 2: Text Widget
  • Footer 3: Themedy Flickr Photos

Q1) My slider isn't filtering by categories?
A1) Make sure you are using the category ID not the category name (the ID is a number). You can get the category ID by visiting your category page and clicking or hovering over the category and looking at the URL in your browser - the ID is after the tag_ID=4 part of the URL (4 in this case). You can also use a plugin like WP Show IDs to show them right on the page, download it from here.

Q2) How do I change the title length in the slider?