A note on Customizing your Theme
If you're not a CSS or Code whiz customizing your theme the way you want it is not always easy or possible. While custom code and styling is not something that is covered by support we attempt to help out whenever we can.

However, sometimes you may need to do your own research and learning or consider hiring a pro to do your custom work for you.

There are also some great tools you can use to make looking up things like which CSS elements to target much easier.

Here are a few tutorials:

You can find lots more tutorials via your favoirte search engine on using the Firebug tool to figure out CSS customizations.

Another great option is the Site Origin CSS Plugin, which gives you Firebug like functionality, right inside your WordPress dashboard.

Site Origin CSS Plugin - Visually Customize your Site

Before installing this plugin, please make sure you have our Themedy Toolbox plugin upgraded to at least 1.0.8 or higher (if you aren't running our plugin this doesn't apply to you)

The Site Origin CSS Plugin is a free Custom CSS and Visual CSS editor tool all in one plugin for WordPress. This plugin allows you to point and click and edit various stlyes on your site with ease.

Please note, as great as this tool is it's not always going to give you exactally what you want or target every little design element. However, for many small tweaks it's a great solution so we certainly recommened giving it a spin!

Download: Site Orgin CSS

Make sure to watch this video to understand how to use this plugin functions before installing the plugin