Here are some plugins we've tested to extend the power of our themes even more, if you have any suggestions be sure to let us know.


Themedy Toolbox (formally Themedy Visual Designer) - Allows you to create shortcodes like seen in our demo sites. Should work on any theme not just ours ;)

WordPress General

Advanced Excerpt - Allows you to customize the read more text and/or excerpt length.

Admin Menu Editor - This plugin will allow you to rename / reorder the items in your WordPress admin area.

AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild - If you have existing featured images before using one of our themes you will need to rebuild your thumbnails.

Bop Search Box for Nav Menus - Gives you an option under your navigation creation page to add a search box to your menus.

Codestyling Localization - Free translation plugin to generate & edit .po / .mo files for any WordPress theme / plugin.

Custom Post Type UI - Add your own Custom Post Types easily via the WordPress Dashboard.

Dynamic Widgets - Show widgets only on certain pages / posts.

Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades - Instead of deleting and reinstalling a theme / plugin, when this plugin is installed you can just go through the regular Add New process and it will do all that behind the scenes for you. Note be sure backup any custom changes you may have made first!

Font - A graphical plugin for changing fonts all across your site, we recommend learning / using CSS for fonts but if you're stuck, try this out.

Gravity Forms - We test Gravity Forms with all our themes, there isn't anything better for form management.

Hookr - See all the hooks & filters in your theme - shows all Genesis / Thesis / WordPress hook areas! Note at the time of this writing this plugin enables hooks for all visitors to the site - meaning when it's active site visitors will also see the hooks on your page. So only turn on temporarily or on development sites.

Icegram - A great free pop up / notification plugin for WordPress with some paid extensions.

Image Inject - Allows you to easily insert photos and images into your WordPress posts. Search among many thousands of free creative commons images for any keywords of your choice, then pick the best of them for the article you are working on and insert them into your post or set them as featured image.

Intuitive Custom Post Order - Allows you to rearrange the order of posts, pages, slides etc. use for Clip Cart to rearrange the products for example. See this tutorial on how to use this.

JetPack Widget Visibility - Show widgets only on certain pages / posts (note if you have the JetPack plugin installed, you don't need to install this seperatly, just activate it in your JetPack settings.)

List Custom Taxonomy Widget - Allows you to show categories of Custom Post Types in a widget. Useful with our Clip Cart theme to display product categories in your sidebar for example.

My Eyes are up Here - Allows you to better control how WordPress auto crops photos.

Open external links in a new window - You can use this plugin to change a link to open in a new window without changing theme code.

Page in a Widget - Display a page in a widget area, great to customize the home page template to make it more of a static page layout for example.

Quick Page / Post Redirect - Another popular redirect plugin.

Redirect all Types - Allows you to redirect a post / page to any URL - some portfolio users have used this to redirect portfolio items to demo sites and client sites.

Related Posts for WP - Allows you add a related posts section to your blog posts.

Simple Drop Cap - Replaces the drop code shortcode in the old Themedy Visual Designer plugin.

Site Origin CSS - The Site Origin CSS Plugin is a free Custom CSS and Visual CSS editor tool all in one plugin for WordPress. This plugin allows you to point and click and edit various stlyes on your site with ease.

Twitter Widget - Twitter widget we use on our demo sites.

Toggle the Title - Turn off page titles on selected pages.

Taxonomy Terms Order - Allows you to rearrange the order of categories, useful to arrange the categories above the portfolio box in the Grind theme for example.

Ultimate Category Excluder - Hide certain categories of blog posts from your blog page, feed, archives, search etc.

WP Editor - A better built in theme editor for WordPress, allows you to modify files in sub-folders and more.

WP Permastructure - Allows you to change the permalinks of custom post types - for example: to (setting you would enter into the plugin for our example: /my-awesome-portfolio/%postname%)

WordPress Reset - Resets your WordPress install back to default, removes all posts, pages, comments, media etc. Obviously don't run this unless you want a completely fresh install :) (don't use on WordPress Multisite unless you want the who network wiped as well)

WP Show IDs - Shows the category ID numbers and various other ID's right on the WordPress admin screens - useful for our slider functions for example.

Thesis Specific

Menu Social Icons - Add icons to your menu, like links to your social accounts.

TW Recent Posts Widget - A recent post widget that allows you to display featured images.

Genesis Specific

Genesis Simple Hooks - Allows you to input custom content around your site easily.

Genesis Simple Edits - Modify the post-info (byline), post-meta, and footer area.

Genesis Design Palette - Modify some CSS settings using a simple control panel - not all settings will be supported by all themes, try it out to see if it works for you.

Genesis Visual Hooks - See Genesis hooks visually laid over your site design - great way to find the hook you need! Also see Hookr above to see Genesis & WordPress hooks.

Menu Icons - Add icons to your menu, like links to your social accounts. (not working with Thesis 2 as of last review, see Menu Social Icons instead)

WooCommerce Specific

Please note while many features of these plugins will work - not every feature works with every theme. However, they are still great additions in many cases to WooCommerce.

Woocommerce Customizer - Change many of the text strings in WooCommerce (i.e add to cart button text etc.)

WooCommerce Product Archive Customiser - Allows you to easily customize some settings around the display of your products on the category listing view, show or hide price, number of items per row etc.

WooCommerce Poor Guys Swiss Knife
- A Swiss Knife for WooCommerce

Custom Related Products for WooCommerce - Custom Related Products for WooCommerce lets you choose which products should show in the related products area on a product detail page.

WooCommerce Product Details Customiser - Customise the appearance of the product details pages in WooCommerce.