In September of 2014 we replaced our Themedy Visual Designer plugin with our new Themedy Toolbox plugin. This is a complete rewrite and not an upgrade, and some options we're dropped in order to modernize the plugin and / or because they were things served better by a dedicated plugin.

STOP Read all of this before Proceeding

Before installing Themedy Toolbox make sure to deactivate and/or delete the Themedy Visual Designer plugin. Otherwise you will get this error message trying to activate Themedy Toolbox:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare register_options_manager() (previously declared in...

If you still get this message after deactivating the Visual Designer plugin, delete the Visual Designer plugin from your plugins page and try again.

My buttons and other shortcodes are broke?
After Toolbox is installed you can visit Tools -> Themedy ToolBox to activate the shortcode compatibility mode. This will allow all the old shortcodes from Themedy Visual Designer to keep working.

However, we do not recommend this as a long term strategy. You should work on migrating fully to Themedy Toolbox for best results, old Themedy Visual Designer shortcodes will receive no future updates and may break at some point with a newer WordPress release.

I'm still seeing the "Following Plugin is required notice"?
You can safely dismiss that message, it doesn't mean anything. You can redownload a fresh copy of the theme and reinstall it to remove the message if you want. Or just download the latest version and replace your /lib/plugins folder with the version from the .zip file you just downloaded to remove it.

My Custom CSS is missing?

You can also reactivate the Custom CSS tool if you need it at Tools -> Themedy ToolBox. If you are using the Custom CSS module in JetPack, you don't need to activate this option.

The JetPack Custom CSS Module Won't Activate?
Go to Tools -> Themedy Toolbox and disable the Custom CSS module option. Temporarily deactivate the Themedy Toolbox plugin and activate the JetPack Custom CSS Module under JetPack -> Settings. To finish you can now reactivate the Toolbox plugin.

Themedy Toolbox

Themedy Toolbox - Allows you to create shortcodes like seen in our demo sites. Should work on any theme not just ours ;)

Replacement Plugins for Dropped Shortcodes

Hide Unwanted Shortcodes - For a quick fix you can use this plugin to simply hide shortcodes that don't work anymore from displaying on your site until you replace them.

Simple Drop Cap - Replaces the drop code shortcode in the old Themedy Visual Designer plugin. Same shortcode: [dropcap][/dropcap]

Related Posts - Replaces the related post feature. New shortcode: [rp4wp]