These steps require that you have our Themedy Toolbox plugin active.

Note: These files contain WordPress content (posts, pages, tags, categories etc.) that will be imported into your WordPress site. If you don't want search engines like Google to see (and index) this content while building your site then turn off search engine indexing. Once your ready to launch your site delete any of the demo site content and turn the search engine indexing back on for your site.

Download the Export Files for your Theme Below:

What is Themedy Replicate?

Many people fall in love with our demo sites that we put together to show an example of using our themes.

However, it can be a struggle to copy them since WordPress doesn't offer a good tool for us to provide you this data easily.

So we've put together the easiest possible way we could to get your site looking like our demo site that we could come up with!

Preparing your Site

If you want to start fresh, we recommended using the WordPress Reset plugin first.

This will bring your WordPress setup back to it's default state, no post / page content, custom settings, image / media uploads etc.

Obviously don't do this step if you have any content or anything else that you want to keep!

Full Copy

Importing the demo site sample content and settings, do all the below steps.

Settings Only Steps

If you just want the Thesis / Genesis / Widget settings do steps 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 9.

Let's do this!

  1. Optional (see above): Install and activate WordPress Reset then visit Tools -> Reset to reset your site.
  2. Download and activate our theme.
  3. Install and activate any recommended plugins for your theme (listed on the themes installation page)
  4. Note: If you don't have the recommended plugins active (if any) you won't get the full demo site setup.
  5. Install and activate our Themedy Toolbox plugin
  6. Download the export files ZIP from the pages linked above.
  7. Unzip this export file to your desktop, it should contain two export files.
  8. Optional: Go to Tools -> Import and import the export file that starts with WI - this is if you want the post / page / slider / portfolio content from the demo site.
  9. Go to Appearance -> Themedy Replicate (or Settings -> Themedy Replicate in WordPress Multisite) and import the file that starts with TR - this will set the correct WordPress settings
  10. You're done, load up your new site!