If a theme has no option to change a section of text that is built into the code, you can use the filter below to change it.

Note that this filter is not for multilanguage purposes as it would display the text you change on all language versions of your website. If your site is only in one language you would not have to worry about this.

In Genesis, add this block to your /wp-content/themes/THEMEDYTHEMENAME/custom/custom_functions.php file.

In Thesis 2, add this block to your /wp-content/thesis/skins/THEMEDYSKINNAME/custom.php file.

This example changes the More Info button in our Clip Cart theme, you can add addtional text all in one function as shown with the "Other Text" section, keep following this pattern. The "case 'More Info'" line is where you add what text is currently shown, the line below that is what text you would like it to become.

add_filter( 'gettext', 'themedy_change_view_listings_text', 20, 3 );

function themedy_change_view_listings_text( $translated_text, $text, $domain ) {

    if ( 'themedy' == $domain ) {

        switch ( $translated_text ) {

            case 'More Info' :

                $translated_text = __( 'New More Info', 'themedy' );

            case 'Other Text' :

                $translated_text = __( 'New Other Text', 'themedy' );



    return $translated_text;